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Group R66 is a purpose-built service group driven to help align clients around the elements of complex digital initiatives. We utilize our proprietary methodology along with our tenure to provide a framework to avoid potholes on the constantly evolving digital highway.

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Outpace digital disruption and stay competitive in the rapidly evolving transformative age.

One of the major business drivers for delivering an ideal customer experience is the streamlined identification and acquisition of prospects to improve quality of earnings.

"Marketers reported that they are going to market via channel partners 74% of the time, up from 55.4% two years ago. That trend is likely a response to the market’s demand for speed.”

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Customer Solution Optimization (CsO)

GR66 has been implementing technology solutions for marketing and sales since the inception of, “digital marketing”. Our team of trusted guides will maneuver around the turbulence of the constantly evolving digital highway to help you reach your destination.

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Not all data is created equal. You take the good, filter out the bad and there you have, the data to make digital decisions.

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Revenue based services that optimize customer experiences.