Who We Are

Group R66 is a purpose-built digital service group driven to embody our client's vision. As an employee-owned firm focused on delivering personalized services we utilize our experience to ensure a smooth transformation for our clients. The constantly evolving digital highway can be exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be.

The Journey

In the spirit of old Route 66, a major path for those heading west in the first half of 20th Century USA, today businesses across the globe travel a new interstate, the digital highway. Fraught with accelerations, disruptions, innovations, demands, shortages, experiences, transformations — the need for an experienced guide is paramount

New Digital Highway

Machine learning, big data, AI, quantum computing, blockchain currency — the list of digital disruptions are endless. Avoid digital potholes with Group R66. We address the real threats of doing business in the digital age, providing practical and proven services for your digital marketing and e-commerce efforts. Our goal is to efficiently move clients from a problem state, to a desirable end state, with measurable results.

Service Portfolio

So, you have a new destination. Do you know what it takes to get there? Any change requires a managed approach to be successful.

Navigating the digital highway is easier with a guide and itinerary. Group R66 believes in planning the work and working the plan, which is why we use roadmaps and other infographics to align our client’s business objectives with available resources, ensuring smooth progression and transition along the digital journey.


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